Taylored Tools is a place that I can build tools that I feel will help make tasks easier for people. I enjoy making things that make things easier, more efficient, or less time consuming. I have started off with a few tools to help people work with Base64 Encoding of Text, Base64 Encoding of Images, and URL Encoding. I will continue to build tools and post them here. I plan on building more tools related to text encoding first, then maybe some mortgage and other loan calculators. If you have any questions please contact me at brandontaylor777 (at) gmail dot com. If you like any of these tools please feel free to like/share them on your social media, as it helps bring more people to the site.

  • Base64 Encoder & Decoder - Encode text to base64 or decode a base64 string back into plain text.
  • Base64 Image Encoder - Encode Image into Base64 string to embed in email, css, or html. Upload an image to encode or encode an image from a url.
  • URL Encoder & Decoder - This tool encodes a url or string into all ASCII characters so that it can be sent over the internet through a URL.
  • GPA Calculator - The GPA Calculator lets you quickly and easily calculate your GPA for both High School & College level courses.
  • High School GPA Calculator - The High School GPA Calculator lets you quickly and easily calculate your GPA for all high school classes including honors and college level weighted classes.